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The best way to accelerate delivery of real-time application integration

Talend delivers a unified platform for application integration and data integration allowing firms to increase business productivity, deliver projects faster, and lower operating costs. As part of the Talend Data Fabric, Talend Application Integration provides a high-speed services backbone and enables you to build a service-oriented architecture to connect, mediate and manage services in real-time. Based on best-in-class and extensible open source ESB and Data Integration technology, Talend empowers organizations to take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before.

  • Integrate applications, services, and APIs without coding
  • Simplify complex mapping challenges
  • Deliver and enforce enterprise security

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Talend Customers Get to Market Faster

We were looking for a solution that could provide a combination of cost-effectiveness, breadth of functionality and agility, while enabling us both to rapidly develop an interface to our solutions or processes and to develop the product quickly and intuitively configure it. Derek Usher, CIO, Travelex

Realize All the Benefits of All your Applications

Integrate business applications, services, and APIs without coding.

Talend speeds time to project completion by making developers more productive through an Eclipse-based tooling environment for modeling, testing and deploying application integration solutions. By combining best in class service creation, message mediation, data integration and data quality in one unified platform, organizations are able to rapidly take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before.

Solve even the most
complex mapping problems.

Talend provides the most advanced mapping and data transformation tools to simplify the integration of complex data, so you can spend more time on new projects and less time on maintenance. Our powerful built-in data mapper makes it a breeze to work with and graphically manipulate complex, legacy and vertical industry data formats.

Deliver and enforce enterprise security requirements.

Talend’s point-and-click, wizard-driven security configuration makes it easy to setup and enforce security policies and controls. Our built-in security framework fulfils the toughest security requirements for web services, while staying lightweight, open and flexible.

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Enable Real-time Application Integration

Data Lifecycle
Use Talend Studio to design application integration jobs with a drag-and-drop user interface. Improve collaboration with continuous delivery functionality. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud with trusted security policies and governance. Centralize deployment and manage more through a web-based Administration Console. Extend easily to the Internet of Things with built-in connectivity to machines and devices.
Design Faster
Use Talend Studio to design data integration jobs with a drag and drop user interface.
Test Sooner
Start testing with Talend Studio to ensure functionality and end-to-end flow.
Deploy Anywhere
Deploy on-premises or in the cloud with trusted security policies and governance.
Manage More
Centralize deployment and manage more through a web-based Administration Console
Extend Easily
Extend easily to the Internet of Things with built-in connectivity to machines and devices.

Right Size Your Service-Oriented Architecture

Maximize your business value with a flexible application integration solution that increases agility and delivers the right data to the right people at the right time.

Open Studio for ESB
Data Services Platform
License Open Source Apache License v2 Subscription Subscription
Modeling and development 900+ components & connectors + Repository, identity management + Repository, identity management
Eclipse-based developer tooling Included Included Included
Drag-and-drop route creation Included Included Included
Drag-and-drop web services and REST application creation Included Included Included
Drag-and-drop data services creation Included Included Included
WS-policy-based web services security Included Included Included
Command line and scripting tools Included Included Included
Service simulation Included Included Included
Versioning Included Included Included
Visibility into live statistics of message flow activity Included Included Included
Functional, load and security web services testing Unavailable Included Included
Team collaboration Unavailable Included Included
Extensive integration capabilities Service creation, data integration +Support for EIPs +ETL & ELT, visual mapping
Service mediation Included Included Included
Messaging and message routing Included Included Included
Data integration Included Included Included
Data transformation Included Included Included
Security and identity services Included Included Included
Internet of things (IOT) connectivity Included Included Included
Packaged application connectivity Included Included Included
Support for enterprise integration patterns (EIPs) Included Included Included
ETL & ELT support Unavailable Unavailable Included
Visual mapping for complex XML and EDI Unavailable Unavailable Included
Increase trust with data quality Unavailable Unavailable Profiling, matching, and standardization
Batch execution of analyses Unavailable Unavailable Included
Comprehensive survivorship Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data cleansing Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data masking Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data profiling Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data quality analytics with graphical charts and drilldown data Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data quality monitoring, reporting & dashboards Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data standardization Unavailable Unavailable Included
Data stewardship Unavailable Unavailable Included
Enrichment, fuzzy matching & deduplication Unavailable Unavailable Included
Sampling Unavailable Unavailable Included
Semantic discovery Unavailable Unavailable Included
Cloud or on-premises third-party address validation services Unavailable Unavailable Optional
Faster deployment ESB and web services + Shared repository + Repository manager, APIs
ESB deployment container flexibility Included Included Included
Standard support: OSGi, SOAP, REST, SAML, STS, WSDL Included Included Included
Web services high availability Included Included Included
Centralized metadata management Unavailable Included Included
Service locator Included Included Included
Service registry Unavailable Included Included
Identity management and authorization Unavailable Included Included
XML key management specification (XKMS) Unavailable Included Included
Collaborate better and manage more Service monitoring, plug-ins +Talend Administration Center + Execution planning, high availability
JMX monitoring Included Included Included
Talend Administration Center Unavailable Included Included
Role-based administration and management Unavailable Included Included
Integrated artifact repository Unavailable Included Included
Service activity monitoring Included Included Included
HypericHQ plug-ins Included Included Included
Centralized event logging service Unavailable Included Included
Provision service Unavailable Included Included
Deployment manager and team collaboration Unavailable Included Included
System monitoring Unavailable Included Included
Amazon EC2 lifecycle control Unavailable Unavailable Included
Job conductor Unavailable Unavailable Included
Execution plan, time and event-based scheduler Unavailable Unavailable Included
High availability, load balancing, failover Unavailable Unavailable Included
Accelerate Data Usage Unavailable + Operationalize Data Preparation + Operationalize Data Preparation
Server-based with role-based security Unavailable Included Included
Data discovery and profiling Unavailable Included Included
Cleansing, standardization and shaping Unavailable Included Included
Data enrichment and combination Unavailable Included Included
Share data preparations and datasets Unavailable Included Included
Smart sampling and full-runs Unavailable Included Included
Operationalize preparations into any data integration flow Unavailable Included Included
Support TalendForge Community,
Help Center access
+ Guaranteed Response Times, Web & Email Support + Phone support, faster response, optional 24/7
Unavailable Included Included
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Why Talend?

The more connected the world becomes, the more quickly a business must adapt. By design, Talend integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership with a single platform for batch and real-time data integration, in the cloud and on-premises.

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