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The most agile way to integrate data and applications.

Integrate all your cloud and on-premises data with a secure cloud integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). Talend Integration Cloud puts powerful graphical tools, prebuilt integration templates, and a rich library of components at your fingertips. Quickly integrate and cleanse data generated by your organization, your customers, and beyond.

  • Speed deployment of big data, real-time analytics in the cloud
  • Powerful tooling increases line of business productivity and agility
  • Optimize hybrid integrations with instant, elastic, and secure capacity


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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration

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Fast to Get Started, Fast to Deliver Results

Speed deployment of big data, real-time analytics in the cloud.

Talend Integration Cloud automates provisioning of big data integration on AWS Redshift and EMR—no matter the volume or velocity - thereby making these projects more affordable. By generating native code that takes advantage of the massively parallel environment of Hadoop and the lightning-fast speed of Apache Spark and Spark Streaming, Talend Integration Cloud lets you execute your integration jobs with the best response time and the most cost-effective use of resources. You can also take your advanced analytics use cases further with machine learning components for customer segmentation, forecasting, classification, and regression analysis.

Améliorez la productivité et l’agilité de vos services métier grâce à de puissants outils

Donnez aux experts informatiques de vos services davantage de contrôle sur l’intégration, grâce à un ensemble d’outils robustes permettant de connecter toutes vos données et applications, qu’elles soient sur site ou dans le Cloud. Le traitement natif de Spark, la connectivité de Kafka et plus de 900 connecteurs et composants liés aux applications et bases de données les plus courantes (Salesforce, Marketo, NetSuite, AWS Redshift, SAP...) vous permettent de simplifier le développement et le déploiement de workflows d’intégration Cloud à Cloud ou en mode hybride, sous forme de services gérés au sein de tous les services métier de votre entreprise.

Optimize hybrid integrations with instant, elastic and secure capacity.

Respond easily to the increasing volume and variety of data by shifting workloads from your on-premises environment to a secure cloud integration service. With the ability to handle any complex hybrid integration pattern, Talend Integration Cloud automatically scales runtime engines for additional throughput, provides advanced event-based scheduling and error handling, and delivers precision monitoring of integration jobs to pinpoint errors quickly. Offered as an integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), hardware and software is automatically made available to meet the capacity for your workloads.

The Fastest Way to Hybrid Integration

Data Lifecycle
Use visual integration tools to design, test, manage, and monitor cloud integration jobs. Use profiling and data matching tools to understand and cleanse cloud data more accurately. Easily deploy, run and manage the same job in the cloud or on-premises. Scale up with instant, elastic and secure capacity. Speed delivery with cloud-based distribution of integration workflows.
Design Quicker
Use visual integration tools to design, test, manage, and monitor cloud integration jobs.
Cleanse Accurately
Use profiling and data matching tools to understand and cleanse cloud data more accurately.
Run Anywhere
Easily deploy, run and manage the same job in the cloud or on the ground.
Scale Instantly
Scale up with instant, elastic and secure capacity.
Deliver Sooner
Speed delivery with the Talend Exchange, an online community for sharing cloud templates, components and best practices.

Connect Cloud and Ground with Integration Cloud

Choose a Talend Integration Cloud solution with the feature set and subscription options that best fits your project and budget.

Need Cloud to Cloud Connectivity Cloud to On-premises, B2B Integration Enterprise Deployments across Cloud and On-premises
License Subscription Subscription Subscription
Studio & Web User 1 1 2
Web-only User 0 2 3
Cloud Engine(s) 1 2 4
Remote Engine(s) Unavailable 1 2
Web-based Designer Data Integration in the Cloud +Collaboration and Sandbox +Collaboration and Sandbox
Web-based cloud flow builder Included Included Included
Batch and bulk integration Included Included Included
Personal workspace Included Included Included
Shared workspace and team collaboration Unavailable Included Included
Sandbox Unavailable Included Included
Time-based scheduler Included Included Included
Advanced Designer Advanced Development Environment Advanced Development Environment Advanced Development Environment
Eclipse-based developer tooling Included Included Included
900+ components and connectors Included Included Included
ETL & ELT support Included Included Included
Job designer Included Included Included
Change data capture (CDC) Included Included Included
Continuous delivery Included Included Included
Dynamic schema Included Included Included
Impact analysis Included Included Included
Metadata bridge Included Included Included
Jobs compare Included Included Included
Publish to the cloud Included Included Included
Re-usable joblets Included Included Included
Testing, debugging and tuning Included Included Included
Versioning Included Included Included
Wizards Included Included Included
Visual mapping for complex XML and EDI Included Included Included
Run Anywhere and Scale Instantly Administer and Manage +Run On-premises +Run On-premises at Scale
Monitor and manage Included Included Included
User administration and access controls Included Included Included
Connection management Included Included Included
Cloud Engine(s) Included Included Included
Remote Engine(s) Optional Included Included
Exclusive cloud containers Unavailable Unavailable Included
Connect and Extend Talend Exchange Talend Exchange Talend Exchange
Trust.talend.com Included Included Included
Talend Exchange Included Included Included
SaaS connectors Included Included Included
Big data connectors Included Included Included
Packaged application connectors Included Included Included
Technical connectors Included Included Included
Flow templates Included Included Included
Increase Trust with Data Quality Unavailable Data Cleansing and Standardization Data Cleansing and Standardization
Data cleansing and masking Unavailable Included Included
Data standardization (phone and email) Unavailable Included Included
Address validation service Optional Optional Optional
Comprehensive survivorship Unavailable Included Included
Enrichment, fuzzy matching & de-duplication Unavailable Included Included
Semantic discovery Unavailable Included Included
Add data prep scripts into jobs Included Included Included
Big Data Big Data Components +Big Data Quality +Real-Time Big Data
Big data components: HDFS, Hbase, HCatalog, Hive, Pig, Sqoop Included Included Included
Hadoop job scheduler Included Included Included
Hadoop security for Kerberos Included Included Included
NoSQL connectivity Included Included Included
YARN support Included Included Included
Certified on Hadoop distributions (AWS EMR, Azure HDInsight, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Pivotal) Included Included Included
MapReduce job designer with visual code optimization Included Included Included
Spark job designer Included Included Included
High-speed messaging components (Kafka, Kinesis, Flume) Included Included Included
Hadoop components for cleansing, parsing and matching Unavailable Included Included
Spark Streaming Unavailable Unavailable Included
Support Web and Email Support, Guaranteed Response Times, Talend Community Web and Email Support, Guaranteed Response Times, Talend Community +Phone Support, Optional Mission Critical Support
Indemnification/ warranty Included Included Included
Price $1,000/month $2,000/month $4,500/month
Free Trial
Free Trial
Free Trial
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AWS Integration

Stop hand coding AWS integrations. Access the rich and growing library of Talend integration components, using easy drag-and-drop visual tools to build your workflows. Developing on the AWS platform has never been this easy.

Why Talend?

The more connected the world becomes, the more quickly a business must adapt. By design, Talend integration software simplifies the development process, reduces the learning curve, and decreases total cost of ownership with a unified, open, and predictable platform.

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