Why Talend?

Talend connects the data-driven enterprise at big data scale
5x faster and 1/5th the cost


Integrate Anything. Operate in Real-time. Act with Insight.

Talend is the leading open source integration software provider to data-driven enterprises and the first data integration platform with native Apache Spark support. Our customers connect anywhere, at any speed, at a predictable price.


What's New in Summer'16

Talend delivers the latest innovations for Talend Data Preparation, Talend Big Data and Talend Integration Cloud to accelerate insight and keep your business ahead of the competition.



Talend Data Preparation for the enterprise



Complex data mapping simplified on Spark



Cloud data warehousing streamlined
for AWS Redshift

Whats’ New in Talend Summer ’16

How Talend Beats the Competition

A single solution that meets all your integration needs.

Connect data and applications on-premises or in the cloud, real-time or batch, big data to master data with the same powerful interface and visual tools.

An open source, community-driven approach.

Keep your projects out of vendor lock-in with access to a broad range of community-driven complementary solutions. Get the agility and flexibility you need to innovate with the market.

You don’t have to learn it to build it.

The Talend visual design tool generates lightweight, native code. An eclipse-based designer makes it easy to build integration jobs leveraging the latest innovations such as Spark, Spark Streaming and machine learning.

Reduce total cost of ownership.

A simple, predictable pricing model based on developers not data sources or volumes dramatically lowers TCO. Our modern architecture reduces installation and maintenance costs and a single design environment lowers training time and cost.


Talend Products

Choose the solution that fits your integration challenge today and makes it easy to expand to the challenge of tomorrow.

Talend Data Fabric

Meet all your integration needs in a single, modern data platform.

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Realize the speed and scale of Big Data without coding

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Respond to business needs for integrated data

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Connect all your data in the cloud and on premises

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Fast and easy self-service data prep for everyone

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Deliver agile real-time integration of applications

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Empower business with a single view of the truth

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The Data-Driven Enterprise

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